As lockdown hit it had been 10 weeks since I’d discovered some news that would change the life I knew forever… settling into the notion of becoming a single parent of my three beautiful boys I found solace in the form of drawing, painting… expressing my thoughts and emotions through art… art therapy ‘true story’!

It started deep until my boys became interested and asked if I’d do something ‘cool’ like a lion or giraffe! So I started painting animals… sharing what I was doing on social media but with no agenda.

The pieces I’d created became so well received I became inundated with offers to own my creations! As we were slowly released from lockdown I needed a fresh start, a clean canvas (excuse the pun)


So in the only way I could see fair I auctioned my lockdown collection and was blown away by the support and bids… so much so that I started making prints for those who had not won the bid for the originals… which led to cushion covers… etc.

Commissions started rolling in and that was the birth of Sensimania Art!

Proud as punch and with my heart and soul still put into every splash and stroke of paint I feel privileged to share it with you.