Lockdown Rainbow Auction

During the lockdown, it was a difficult time, hard to believe that we could not do so many things that made our life what it was!

In these bleak days, weeks, months the rainbow symbol became a universal sign of hope, a way of talking to one another from our windows and letting one another know that there will be an end to COVID to lockdown and we were all in this together, protecting each other and the extraordinary NHS!

As I stood outside with my boys one evening banging pans and clapping hands to show thanks in our weekly ritual to our wonderful NHS, I glanced up and down the street at all the people clapping from their doorsteps just like me in union and feeling overwhelmed and full of pride, I wondered if there was anything else I could do?

June 12th 2020, in the haze that was lockdown, I created this piece ‘The Lockdown Rainbow’ and auctioned it online with all proceeds donated to our NHS

The winning bidder, a nursery owner took the rainbow into her nursery for the children of key workers still in her nurseries care, for them to enjoy and I couldn’t of thought of a better place it could be!