I highly recommend this truly gifted artist! Sensimania is so very talented. I am fortunate enough to have Two unique pieces of her work and look forward to decorating our home with many more

Lisa Groves Giraffe Commission

Wow!! Absolutely over the moon with my piece of art from Sensimania Art. Its taken pride of place in my Living room and I find myself just sitting and staring at him, admiring his beauty, each time noticing something more. Such an extraordinary piece… thankyou so much. Totally in love

Katherine Dyer Lion Commission

Sensimania is super talented and her work is just amazing. We commissioned a painting for my sons birthday back in July. We asked for a painting of a lion and if she could match the colours to his bedroom, black, greys & whites, with gold eyes, the piece, absolutely amazing!

Jit Bedi Lion Commission

I have always loved elephants...I have many wonderful memories of this amazing creature during visits to Asia especially Thailand, but it’s because they have a positive symbolic meaning. Elephants represent good luck, power, success, wisdom, and experience. They are sociable animals who are extremely loyal - So, who else other than Sensi could I have asked to paint one for me. Sensi thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing, your artwork will bring you success beyond belief! Thank you for being you and for your incredible talents

Catherine Lewellyn Elephant Commission

I have always wanted a unique piece of art on my wall and have never been able to find the exact piece I wanted. Looking through Facebook I find Sensimania who creates amazing works of art. I ask her to create a honey bee and hive as I am a beekeeper and left it to her imaginative mind. WOW is all I can say, my expectations were blown away, not only does she concentrate on detail, she creates exactly what you want. When my artwork arrived I was so overwhelmed, I could not believe that somebody could create something as unique as that. Sensimania thank you so much for creating my masterpiece, every time I look at it on the wall it brings joy to my face. Thank you so so much!

Wayne Lovett